• Humpday: Brought To You By Jessie Joe Monge

    Sensual, sandy, sexy eye candy.

  • Everybody Can Be A Deezer DJ

    Basically we're looking for people with good taste in music.

  • Watch Dogs: Grand Theft Auto Of The Future

    Who will watch the watchers?

    Watch Dogs
  • Floating Around With Cape Town Helicopters

    Feast your eyes on the outrageously beautiful city of Cape Town.


Humpday: Brought To You By Jessie Joe Monge

April 16, 2014

It’s #Humpday, and almost Winter! So before beach sand goes out of style, we thought you’d like some skin-on-sand action. The lovely Jessie Joe Monge is here to delight, enjoy. Jessie Joe Monge on Instagram.


Everybody Can Be A Deezer DJ

April 15, 2014

Hello, we’ve been very into Deezer, a music streaming service to end all music streaming services. Basically, Deezer offers subscribers over 30 million top-quality, licensed tracks, streamed to the device of your preference with not a single jump or glitch. Think Grooveshark or Spotify, except...


Best Skate Video Ever: Kilian Martin’s Altered Route

April 10, 2014

Before you click play, know this: this isn’t just a skate video. It’s a work of art. Everything from the cinematography to the soundtrack to the location to Kilian Martin’s unique skating style is absolutely perfect. Kilian Martin is what would’ve happened if Mike Vallely and Rodney...


Warning: You Might Be A Basic Bitch

April 10, 2014

Basic bitch? What does it even mean? Well, according to popular opinion (and also this College Humour skit we found on Bangers & Nash) if you wear uggs, sport horoscope tattoos or upload photos with captions like ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ you...

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs: Grand Theft Auto Of The Future

April 9, 2014

Watch Dogs may be the best new game we’ve see in a while. It plays off the information warfare of our modern society that has people worried the world over, and blends it with the good stuff we know and love from the popular GTA...