• Relive Up The Creek 2016 With This Playlist

    I have a feeling we're not in Swellendam anymore.

  • Everybody Can Be A Deezer DJ

    Basically we're looking for people with good taste in music.

  • Floating Around With Cape Town Helicopters

    Feast your eyes on the outrageously beautiful city of Cape Town.


The Gnarly History Of Surfing In Muizenberg, Bruh

February 9, 2016

Surfing — the noble art of balancing on a wooden/fibreglass plank and trying to dodge both human beings and Great White Sharks while being propelled by a wave of water caused by the gravitational force of the Moon — has been around for ages. However,...


Relive Up The Creek 2016 With This Playlist

February 3, 2016

Another Up The Creek has come and gone. Last weekend was magical, from the music to the river to the people to the drinks. Great memories should not be so easily forgotten, which is why I took some time out to construct this Up The...

UTC pic Belia Oh `

5 Things Not To Miss At Up The Creek 2016

January 13, 2016

Up The Creek is one of my favourite events on the local live music festival calendar and I have my reasons. THE ALL-LOCAL LINEUP: some of our country’s most prolific and talented artists, DJs and musicians. THE VENUE: you’re floating on a fucking river for basically an entire...


Download MasterPass And Shop Online Easily For The First Time Since Ever

December 8, 2015

I don’t own a credit card because I don’t trust myself with one. Obviously, the result is that I’ve had terrible online shopping experience for the last few years, as the alternatives are few and far between—bar the odd EFT option. It’s a problem, because...

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The Best Cover Of Adele’s Hello You’ve Ever Heard

November 23, 2015

Adele’s first single, Hello, has already to been covered to death in the — what? — one month since its release. From Demi Lovato to Taps, everyone’s had their fingers in Adele’s chart-topping pie. Disgusting metaphors aside, this cover by Conor Maynard is the best...